Elect Anne Rowe for School Board
For our kids...for our future
For our kids 
We face a critical time in Denver Public Schools. While gains have been made to move us toward our goals of providing quality education to all DPS students and improving student achievement, there is much more to be done. I believe we can get there, which is why I’m running for school board.
For our future

As your school board representative, my policy decisions will be based on the following:

What is in the best interest of DPS students and their families
How can we have the greatest impact on student achievement
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I will:
Strive for excellence and innovation in all Denver Public Schools

Advocate for and support strong school leaders and great teachers

Engage the district, school leaders, teachers, parents and business 
and civic leaders to come together for Denver's kids

Support and create policies that continue to move us forward

Seek input and listen to southeast Denver constituents

Hold myself accountable for the progress of public education 
in Denver
Common Sense
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